Receive great baby stuff, every month! 

 Surprise Baby Box is a monthly subscription delivering all of the essentials and then some for your baby! Every box is a complete mystery, and we guarantee you will not be disappointed. We feature brands such as Carters, Gap, Gerber and many others small companies. All items are of good quality and some products you can't even find on regular stores! 


A little about our SUPRISE BOX mission…

 To offer various options in the subscription-box market, that provide satisfaction to our clients. Bring joy, well-being and comfort to babies and children, and present chosen items in appealing boxes, that enhance the high quality of these products.

Meet our team


The Mother , worked as a social media journalist and loves children.


The daughter, worked as an actress, is an expert salesperson and is the mother of baby Rebecca.


Is the inspiration and motivation to make SURPRISE BABY BOX a successful experience every month!

How it all started

When I was pregnant, I often could not go out  shopping things I needed for the baby. So I kept thinking how nice it would be if I could receive at home a subscription box that would sent me every month new products  to complete the trousseau.  And that's where the idea came up to create SURPRISE BABY BOX.

In the beginning...

I began to research  the possibility of making such a box and Sara, my mother, suggested the name SURPRISE BABY BOX, which sounded perfect! So we register it as our trade-mark. We did not know for sure how we were going to assemble the boxes, but we knew what kind of items and products we wanted to send to each parent and client who subscribed to SURPRISE BABY BOX. And so, throughout my pregnancy, we continued to develop that idea... On June 16, 2017 when my daughter Rebecca was born, the first boxes were sent to our first clients, who had subscribed based only on our advertised mission. 

And so, from then on, we send a new SURPRISE BABY BOX on the 16th of every month to each subscriber, as if to celebrate  the symbolic birth of a new child!

Vanessa Klein

Where we are today...

Our vision is to be a recognized brand in the subscription boxes segment, as a friendly company, offering quality products, always seeking to understand the needs of our customers and aiming to exceed their expectations.

Values: offer innovation, quality, fair price and good service, with convenience and practicality. Open up space for small business products, alongside big brands. To be ethical and transparent in relationships with our clients and partners.


  • The best brands in objects and hygiene products for the baby.
  • High quality new products every month
  • 3 subscription options: Boy, Girl, and Neutral
  • Sizing ranges from NB to 4T
  • Items include: baby clothes, objects, toys, accessories and other useful items